The Ultimate Explosive ‘Sleeper’ Tech of 2023

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When we talk about EVs, we’re usually talking about cars. But with electric aircraft buzzing around in the news, will that be the next big sector to keep an eye on?

Well, in truth, we think hydrogen makes the most sense for aircraft. It’s a heavy-duty, long-haul transportation medium, and hydrogen seems best suited to serve it. But when it comes to shorter commutes, we think eVTOLs (electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft) make total sense. And the news about Air Canada’s eVTOL order means this megatrend is really taking off (badum tss).

When it comes to transportation, there are great short- and long-haul options. Need to go to the grocery store? You’ll hop in your car and ride over. Have to travel cross-country? You’ll catch a flight at the airport. But what about medium-haul transportation? We think eVTOLs will fill that void very well.

And though this future of flying cars might seem ages away, most eVTOL makers plan to commence operations in 2024. That’s just a little over a year away. We’re fast-approaching the start of a breakthrough transportation medium that could revolutionize the way we travel. Now is the time to hop on board with flying cars and eVTOL stocks.

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